Monday, January 10, 2011

No more of this

Sorry, no Monday Funnies today.

The shootings in Arizona speak to a sickness in our language, our politics, and the way we talk to each other.

Six people died including a nine-year-old girl who came to hear her Congresswoman speak.

This never should have happened.


Excuses will not hold.

We must find a way to take the hatred and vitriol out of our political rhetoric, out of our media, out of our everyday conversation. It begins with us. Today.

No more of this.

And we need to get guns out of the hands of sick people and ban them from events with our public officials. Our democracy is in danger if our officials cannot speak to us in relative safety. Vote as you will, but let's do so in an atmosphere of respect and safety.


* * *

Today, please keep the injured in your prayers, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, their families, and remember those who died:
Judge John M. Roll
Christina Taylor Green
Dorothy Morris
Phyllis Schneck
Dorwan Stoddard
Gabe Zimmerman

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