Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"How yuh doin' you big old walrus?"

We haven't had much poetry here this month, and today is a good day for a poem. Every day is, really. I was looking through my cache of gifts from Karen in Tennessee and came across this. I like it a lot. I hope you do, too:
In Praise of the Great Bull Walrus
by Alden Nowlan

I wouldn't like to be one
of the walrus people
for the rest of my life
but I wish I could spend
one sunny afternoon
lying on the rocks with them.
I suspect it would be similar
to drinking beer in a tavern
that caters to longshoremen
and won't admit women.
We'd exchange no
cosmic secrets. I'd merely say,
"How yuh doin' you big old walrus?"
and the nearest of
the walrus people
would answer,
"Me? I'm doin' great.
How yuh doin' yourself,
you big old human being, you?"
How good it is to share
the earth with such creatures
and how unthinkable it would have been
to have missed all this
by not being born:
a happy thought, that,
for not being born is
the only tragedy
that we can imagine
but never fear.

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