Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Odetta 1930-2008

To my everlasting regret, I never got to see or hear Odetta sing. She was known as the voice of the Civil Rights Movement, and her voice never waned. Born in Alabama, Odetta Holmes grew up in Los Angeles. She sang at the side of Martin Luther King, Jr., and shared the stage with greats including Muddy Waters. 

A few years ago Odetta performed at a place called The Palms, in Davis, about 15 minutes from our house in Sacramento. For some reason we didn't go that night. Not long after, The Palms was razed to make way for a condo development. Odetta died last night; she was 77 years old. Go see the greats when you get a chance, buy a ticket.

Here's a little vintage Odetta to warm your soul:

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